The source material which describes Kadena's groundbreaking technology. It all started here.


Public Blockchain

Kadena Public Summary Paper

William Martino and Stuart Popejoy, November 2018

Chainweb Whitepaper

William Martino, Stuart Popejoy, Monica Quaintance, January 2018

Chainweb Protocol Security Calculations

Monica Quaintance, William Martino, January 2018

Chainweb Updated Security Analysis: Agent-Based Simulations

Monica Quaintance, William Martino, Stuart Haber, Tarun Chitra, April 2019

Private Blockchain

Kadena: The First Scalable, High Performance Private Blockchain

William Martino, August 2016

Confidentiality in Private Blockchain

Stuart Popejoy, August 2016

Smart Contract Language

The Pact Smart Contract Language

Stuart Popejoy, June 2017