Kadena SpireKey

A human-focused authentication solution for seamless and secure Web3 transactions.

Scan, Touch & Go

Traditional wallets in Web3 are cumbersome and often involve entering long passwords or managing complex mnemonics, which introduces a myriad of potential vulnerabilities.

Kadena SpireKey adds a layer of human-friendliness to the authorization process involved with Web3 transactions by removing the need to remember or enter long passwords. All you need is your personal device to scan, touch, and go!

Web3 Innovation with Web2 Simplicity

  • Built-in Multi-Sig

    Kadena SpireKey requires multiple signatures across trusted devices in order to execute a transaction, ensuring that funds are safe even in the event of unauthorized account access. Further customization can also require multiple different signers across separate devices to sign for transactions, allowing for added security for special or large transactions.

  • Hardware Security

    Utilizing WebAuthn technology enables users to securely store their crypto keypairs on any WebAuthn compatible hardware devices, such as iPhones, Androids, laptops, and more. Because the private key never leaves the device, the user’s data and assets are secured from the device’s security capabilities.

  • Passwordless Signing

    Unlike complex Web3 wallets today, signing with Kadena SpireKey is more akin to the experience users are used to with Google and Apple payment technologies. Users do not have to write down their seed phrase or even enter their password to decrypt their private keys. All it takes is the signing transactions on their preferred method of signing, through QR codes, links, or even through biometric verification.

  • Decentralized Trust

    Kadena SpireKey allows anyone or everyone involved in a transaction to sign at each respective stage to confirm conditions have been met. This eliminates the need for an centralized authority to resolve discrepancies since anyone can review the transaction they are signing for.

Use Cases

  • Food Delivery Service

    Kadena SpireKey protects your food delivery every step of the way. Whether it’s a restaurant hoping to ensure that their customer receives their order or a courier looking to deliver their order, Kadena SpireKey has you covered. For example, with built-in multi-sig, both the restaurant making the order and the courier picking up the order have to sign when its their turn. Each of these authentication steps allow you, the receiver, to track the progress of your order and sign for your goods to ensure your package is delivered.

  • Online Purchases

    When making online purchases, you can securely complete any transaction by using a quick biometric prompt on your smartphone, such as a fingerprint or facial recognition. This method simplifies the buying process by incorporating the convenience of contactless payments, demonstrating how you can leverage Web3 technology on Kadena to facilitate secure and efficient transactions.

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  • How does Kadena SpireKey work?

    Kadena SpireKey is based off of OAuth Protocol, which is the recognized open industry standard for designing authentication and authorization workflows. This helped us design a system that allows Web3 applications (dApps) to connect to wallets to sign for transactions.

  • Where do I go if I have questions about Kadena SpireKey?

    You can visit us on our Discord Server (discord.gg/kadena) if you have any technical questions about Kadena SpireKey.

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