Smart contracts written for humans, not just developers.

What is a Smart Contract?

Smart contracts are like regular, paper contracts, except that their terms are enforced by computer code, instead of humans. Imagine if a baseball player received an automatic bonus in his next paycheck because he hit a certain number of home runs.

Smart contracts are the next generation of legal contracts. And Pact is the next generation of smart contracts.

What Makes Pact Smarter?

  • Human-Readable Code on Chain

    Pact code is stored directly on the blockchain, making it easily readable by humans. In contrast to languages like Solidity, which are compiled to bytecode, Pact's approach simplifies the process of verifying the security of contracts.

  • Turing-Incomplete

    Pact disallows recursion and loops, preventing the creation of infinite loops that could potentially disrupt the blockchain network. This design choice eliminates a class of bugs associated with long-running or infinite loops, which are common in Turing-complete languages.

  • Built-in Formal Verification

    Formal verification functions like a live, automated bug tracker, highlighting any part of your code that contradicts how you want it to operate. Pact supports static type checking and formal verification, aiding in the guarantee that certain states are impossible to reach in a program. Formal verification, facilitated by the Z3 theorem prover, helps rule out entire categories of potential bugs and security issues.

  • Multi-Sig Public Key Authorization

    Pact supports both simple public key authorization (similar to Bitcoin) and multi-signature authorization using keysets. Keysets allow the encoding of authorization rules, ranging from requiring all keys to sign to custom predicate functions defined in a smart contract.

  • Zero-Knowledge Primitives

    Pact includes language primitives for working with zero-knowledge proofs, a cryptographic technique providing transaction privacy or off-chain computation capabilities.

Pact is...

  • Simple

    Simple to read and write. For all humans.

  • Safe

    Includes formal verification. The same system used to protect nuclear power plants.

  • Scalable

    Revise and improve contracts over time. PACT allows for upgradable contracts.

Control it All With Pact

  • DeFi

    Kadena supports a “liquidity commons,” which is a self-coordinating and unfragmented liquidity pool enabling unique incentives and cash flows across multiple exchanges.

  • NFT

    Marmalade provides the complete infrastructure to launch and run game-changing NFT marketplaces. Unlike other markets, Marmalade offers 100% on-chain transactions, high-quality provenance, low gas fees, and shared ownership that can span platforms.

  • Interop

    EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) platforms require even the simplest contracts to include reams of unintelligent copy-pasted code, preventing multi-chain interop. However, Pact was designed for interop, allowing a single PolyFungible NFT ledger to service the entire market.

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