Pact  - Smart Contract Language

Pact is an open-source Turing-incomplete smart contract language that has been purpose-built with blockchains first in mind. Pact focuses on facilitating transactional logic with the optimal mix of functionality in authorization, data management, and workflow. 

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Latest Updates:

  • We are currently live with Pact 3.3

  • You can find the latest release on our Pact Github Project

  • You can also write and deploy your own smart contracts to the Kadena blockchain, right from your browser, no downloads necessary - Try Pact


Key Features of Pact:

  • Pact smart contracts

    • We designed Pact to be the smart contract language people easily learn and use—to support sophisticated projects. It has automated bug detection, supports external code without giving up control and enables private as well as consensus-based management.

  • Safe by design

    • Safe smart contracts need a safe language. Pact is immutable, deterministic and Turing-incomplete. It fights bugs and exploits while offering the power of a high-level language. Atomic transactions keep your data in order by guaranteeing that all instructions in a transaction are executed.

  • Fast, legible code

    • Pact balances low-level, directly executable expressions and high-level declarative code that goes beyond just instructions and describes exact outcomes. It parses fast and executes faster. And since it’s stored unmodified on the ledger, you always know what code you’re running.


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