Kadena Defi Ecosystem

Powering an accessible approach into global finance with Kadena’s decentralized finance ecosystem.


Decentralized Finance (DeFi) simplifies the complexities of traditional financial systems, making financial services more accessible to everyone, from businesses to individuals.

DeFi enables the services traditional banking provides — saving, borrowing, lending — while removing redundant paperwork and third-party facilitation, ensuring seamless peer-to-peer exchange of information and money through the blockchain globally.

Defi on Kadena

  • Infinite Scalability

    Kadena’s Chainweb utilizes a braided chain structure, with each chain having its own separate state. Chainweb can produce 1,000 transactions per second (TPS) at its current 20-chain setup. With a single line of code, additional chains can be added to increase the throughput to accommodate an increase in demand.

  • Virtually Zero Gas Fees

    Kadena’s scalability structure and gas stations ensure virtually zero transaction fees, making it more cost-effective and accessible to deploy and interact with smart contracts, even during periods of high-volume activity.

  • Built-in Programmability

    Chainweb enables the creation of upgradable smart contracts to securely automate the execution of financial agreements, without the need for an intermediary.

  • Robust Security

    Kadena leverages the battle-tested security of Bitcoin and enhances it through a multi-chain approach, increasing the difficulty of any attack on its network as it scales.

  • Automated Bug Tracking

    Pact, Kadena’s smart contract language, prioritizes security through formal verification that automatically checks your code from potential exploits to protect user funds.

  • Seamless End-user Experience

    Kadena provides DeFi users with a better onboarding and overall experience. Gas stations abstract away the complexities of gas fee management and ensure users unlock the lowest transaction fees.

Kadena's Defi Ecosystem


opact wallet

Opact Wallet

Empowers compliant DeFi experiences via KYC/AML procedures to access financial products while maintaining user privacy through ZK proofs.



Kudos Protocol

Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) that allows users to lockup their KDA to generate loans without incurring any interest charges.

Decentralized Exchanges



EckoDEX powers end-to-end decentralized trading on Kadena.



ZUSD by Zelcore’s Fusion Stable Bridge

Bridge that converts USDC-ETH to zUSD on Kadena -- tradable on eckoDEX!



Tatum (A RPC Node Provider)

Node infrastructure and tooling allow developers and users to interact with the Kadena network through standardized commands.


kinesis bridge

Kinesis Bridge

Bridge that seamlessly and securely allows asset transfers between the Kadena blockchain and other blockchains, through the Hyperlane permissionless bridge.

Fusion Bridge (FLUX/Zelcore)

Built into Zelcore, the Fusion bridge allows to bridge USDC from Ethereum to Kadena to receive zUSD and vice versa. Additionally, it allows to bridge FLUX from the FLUX blockchain to Kadena, vice versa and to other blockchains.

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