The Kadena Grants Program is a funding initiative aimed at growing and nurturing the Kadena ecosystem.

Grants Program Goals

We started the Kadena Grants Program with the goal of expanding and strengthening the ecosystem of projects built on Kadena. That includes championing groundbreaking ideas that might be overlooked by traditional funding avenues. Because when you build on Layer H, anything is possible.

Open-Source Projects We’re Funding

  • DeFi

    Bridging Kadena with other L1/L2s, developing native DEXs, creating lending dApps, yield farming platforms, staking platforms and any initiatives that offer additional options for KDA users to engage with the wider DeFi ecosystem.

  • NFTs

    Tools and infrastructure that streamline the creation, management and showcasing of NFTs on Kadena.

  • Layer-2 Solutions

    Scaling solutions designed for Kadena, projects that facilitate integration between Kadena and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

  • Institutional Platforms

    Any projects that offer tailored enterprise solutions addressing the unique requirements and challenges faced by institutions looking to leverage blockchain technology.

  • Developer Resources

    Facilitating and hosting hackathons, accelerator programs designed to support early-stage Kadena projects, educational resources, tutorials and documentation.

  • DAOs/DAO Tooling

    Solutions for decentralized decision-making and governance, tools and platforms that streamline and enhance the governance processes within Kadena-powered DAOs, smart contract capabilities to support the execution of DAO-related functionalities.

Application Process

  • 1

    Applicants submit their grant applications through our grant application form.

  • 2

    The core grants committee reviews the applications.

  • 3

    Applicants receive decisions.

  • 4

    If approved, the grantee and the grants team will have an introductory call, followed by a project scoping call.

  • 5

    The project will define full technical milestones, and then a Kadena team member will submit them for internal management-level approvals.

  • 6

    Once approved, work can begin according to the technical milestones outlined in the grant.


  • How much money can my project be granted?

    Each proposal will be eligible to receive between $5,000 and $50,000 in KDA tokens.

  • Will my project also receive non-monetary incentives?

    Yes, in addition to monetary support, Kadena will commit to engineering mentorship, office hours, community leadership, potential co-marketing opportunities, and joining Kadena’s official ecosystem projects.

  • Who can apply for a grant?

    Anyone who is in a jurisdiction that can receive tokens and pass KYC can apply for a grant.

  • What is expected from grantees?

    Applicants must be willing to adopt Kadena’s “build in the open” philosophy by contributing content, tutorials and product explainers in relevant channels and communities such as Discord, Medium, Stackoverflow and others.

  • When will I hear back about my application?

    The Kadena grants committee will review applications and follow up if more information is needed to make a decision. We will notify application team leads of whether their project has been accepted for grant funding within four weeks of receiving an application.

  • Who can I contact with questions about grants?

    Please join our community Discord — we can answer any questions you have there.

  • What is your funds disbursement process?
    1. The grantee creates a GitHub organization to house the code produced for the Kadena-granted/commissioned project. 2) The grantee submits code updates to the master branch as a pull request. 3) A Kadena team member will review and verify the code. 4) The grantee submits a completed “Grants and Sponsorships Token Vendor Payments” form for the specific milestone. 5) Upon satisfactory completion of the milestone review process, Kadena will transfer the approved milestone payment to the grant recipient. 6) This process is repeated until all milestones have been completed.