Kadena Cabinet

A decentralized bonding-based Community Advisory Board represented by the humans of Kadena.

Your Seat at the Table

Kadena Cabinet is at its core a Community Advisory Board (CAB), where KDA token holders come together to influence strategic decisions that drive the Kadena ecosystem forward via an on-chain polling mechanism.

By bonding their tokens, KDA token holders become Cabinet Members, earning a seat at the table and a voice in shaping the ecosystem's direction. Cabinet Members are rewarded for their commitment to Kadena by earning a return on their bonded KDA.

Shape the Future of Kadena

  • Community Participation

    The Community Advisory Board is designed to foster active community participation and a more democratic, inclusive ecosystem that resonates with the community’s ethos and aspirations. Cabinet Members are eligible to participate in polls on initiatives that guide the direction of the Kadena ecosystem, such as Kadena Improvement Plans (KIPs).

  • Enhanced Utility

    Cabinet Members who participate in the polling are rewarded for their dedication to the future of the Kadena ecosystem. The returns to be accrued are determined by a tier system based on two factors: amount of bonded KDA and the time bonded. After the bond period concludes, Cabinet Members can un-bond their tokens to reclaim their initial deposit along with the accrued rewards.

  • Robust Security

    To ensure the integrity of the CAB rewards system, we’ve implemented robust security measures to protect against manipulation and security threats, on top of the security offered by Pact smart contracts. Our goal is to foster a secure environment for community engagement while also protecting Cabinet Members’ assets.



  • When will Kadena Cabinet be released?
    Testnet will be announced on May 1, 2024.
  • What types of network initiatives will I be able to influence?
    Cabinet Members will be able to influence community initiatives, product roadmap, the direction of our tech suite, KIPs, and more.
  • How do you prevent one person from creating multiple different accounts and submitting multiple polls?
    Kadena CAB is designed to be Sybil-resistant, encouraging users to bond all their funds in one account, thus preventing manipulation through multiple accounts.
  • Is this similar to Kadena's previous bonding program?
    The main similarity is the concept of bonding KDA tokens for a period of time in exchange for a yield. However, the previous bonding program was focused around securing a decentralized bridge. Kadena CAB (Community Advisory Board) is, as the name implies, more community-focused with its main purpose of polling on ecosystem initiatives, including KIPs, allowing Cabinet Members to influence the direction of the Kadena network.

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