A better Bitcoin-based blockchain built to benefit all humanity.

Operating on Another Level

Chainweb is a public, proof-of-work blockchain that improves upon Bitcoin’s design by enabling infinite scaling without compromising security or efficiency. Chainweb’s most notable feature is that instead of being a single blockchain like Bitcoin, it is many independent blockchains that can communicate with each other and run in parallel.

Blockchain in the Third Dimension

We believe strongly in the work started by Bitcoin. In fact, our advisor Dr. Stuart Haber is one of the most cited authors in Satoshi Nakamoto’s renowned 2008 Bitcoin whitepaper. But we also believe there’s a great deal of room to improve.

Kadena’s blockchain contains proofs from two previously valid chains. The idea of braiding two chains together for increased security pre-dates Kadena, but we’ve taken the concept several steps further with Chainweb, braiding together more and more Bitcoin-like chains to increase scalability and security.

In 2020, we forked the Kadena network from 10 chains to 20 chains, proving that it's possible to scale Bitcoin to any size. And we’re just getting started. With Chainweb, we could scale to more than 50,000 chains.

  • Transactions/second*

    *Kadena can scale infinitely with demand.

  • ZERO

    Outages since launching in 2020

  • 0.0005$

    Average cost per transaction

Scaling to infinity and beyond

We leverage a Fixed Graph structure called the Peterson Graph. In this system, each chain needs to communicate with 3 peer chains. Once the 3 peer chains communicate with their 3 peers, the entire network is linked in only two communication jumps.

The end result? Truly infinite scalability and stronger security — all without compromising the principles of openness, ownerlessness and true decentralization that are necessary for blockchain technology to work at civilization-wide scale.

A More Secure, Sustainable Future

Headlines about the energy consumption of Bitcoin mining led many to believe that Proof-of-Work isn’t a sustainable model. But Kadena isn’t Bitcoin. The difference lies in scalability.

Proof-of-Work on Kadena is secure and energy efficient, even as transaction volume increases. In fact, at ~600 transactions per second, Kadena achieves a similar level of energy efficiency as the credit card provider Visa, thanks to its unique multi-chain architecture.

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