The tools to build a better tomorrow, available today.

  • Chainweaver Wallet

    The official Kadena wallet for buliders needed to develop and deploy their smart contract and applications onto the blockchain.

  • Block Explorer

    A window for humans to explore and navigate through Kadena's blockchain. On this page, you can find key details about the history of any blocks, transactions, smart contracts, and addresses on our blockchain.

  • GraphQL

    The GraphQL server provides a standardized and flexible way to query blockchain data, while the GraphQL client makes it easy to visualize and explore blockchain data on Kadena.

  • Kadena Client

    The Kadena.js team has created a library that allows Javascript/Typescript users to easily interact with the Kadena Blockchain.

  • Tools Website

    The Kadena tools website will provide a one-stop shop for the various features a builders might need during their development journey on Kadena, from cross-chain transfers to a module explorer.

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