Kadena - Public Blockchain

Kadena is a braided, parallelized Proof Of Work consensus mechanism that improves throughput and scalability while maintaining the security and integrity found in Bitcoin. In short, Kadena is a blockchain that is faster, more secure, and more scalable.  Read More


Latest Updates

  • Kadena’s mainnet is now fully accessible for public mining. You can find the latest release on our Chainweb-node GitHub Project and watch the mining of the parallel chains in real-time through Kadena’s Block Explorer.

  • We also released our Testnet Portal, a one-stop shop where you can download our testnet wallet, get testnet coins, play a game, and have fun interacting with our blockchain! 


Key Features of the Kadena Public Blockchain

  • Proof of Work

    • Kadena’s public blockchain is a massively parallel protocol that brings efficiency to Proof of Work. Unlike Proof of Stake, PoW is the only protocol that’s been validated in the market. Mining pays for throughput and provisioning, not just hash difficulty.

  • Tested security, scalable blockchain

  • Faster throughput, lower latency

    • Kadena’s powerful attack resistance means faster mining, greater decentralization, and confirmation times under a minute.

  • Smart contracts in Pact

    • Pact makes secure and trustless oracles, escrow and cross-chain transfers simple to write.


For more, check out our Whitepapers and Developer Resources