Builder's Toolkit

The building blocks for a better developer experience.


Core Developer Tools & Resources

The essential tools & resources for building with Kadena


Install Pact on Atom for a fully supported IDE experience


Test & deploy dApps with the developer workbench and wallet

Block Explorer

Monitor network activity in real-time

Kadena Docs

Complete list of tools & resources for interacting with Kadena


Start coding right away with pre-built components


Save setup time with a simple React template


Examples: Beginner Interactive

Interact with these real code samples to better understand Pact

Memory Wall

Engrave your name on the first Kadena smart contract

Pacty Parrots

Play a simple slot-machine style game

Coin Faucet

A React app to distribute coins upon request

Examples: Complete Use Cases

See how Pact makes it easier to create services that solve real world problems


Public-private network interaction for a stablecoin

COVID Tracker

Gas station streamlines ability to collect data without user onboarding


Simple To Do app connecting Pact to JavaScript frontend


Create, distribute, and manage loans using tables and schemas


Examples: Useful Scripts

Production code samples of useful features for a better developer and user experience

Gas Station

Automatically pay users' transaction gas

Signing API

Handles transaction signing between dApp and wallet