The Kadena Tech Bulletin #1

The Kadena Tech Bulletin #1


March 3, 2023

Welcome to Kadena’s very first inaugural issue of The Kadena Tech Bulletin!

Whether you’re already familiar with Kadena or just learning about it for the first time, the Kadena Tech Bulletin provides a short technical overview of how we are revolutionizing the industry one block at a time. From Pact and Chainweb to how we are refining our builder onboarding process, we’ll be providing our community of builders and developers with all the updates and tools to help grow and scale the entire ecosystem.

Here’s what happened in the last two months:

Release of Chainweaver 2.2.3

Chainweaver wallet version 2.2.3 includes new features for quicksign support for desktop applications. Based on KIP-0015, the quicksign API allows wallets to sign multiple transactions in a single request. Version 2.2.3 further provides bug fixes and better gas defaults for cross-chain operations.

Download or use Chainweaver here:

Official release:

2. Pact 4.6 Release

Latest Pact 4.6 release features several new built-in functions that allow users to build zero-knowledge solutions, many upgrades to outstanding bugs in the FV system, a wealth of UX advancements to the surrounding instrumentation, and a warning system for depreciations.

Visit Github for the full release:

3. NFT Tutorial on Marmalade

A Marmalade token policies tutorial was released demonstrating how an NFT collection supporting presale could be implemented in your NFT marketplace, using an example policy ‘simple-one-off-collection-policy`.

Read more here.


4. Kadena.js Demo AMA: Goliath Faucet

The community joined in and provided great feedback on a recent live demo of the Goliath Faucet featuring Thomas Honeyman, senior engineer at Awake Security. The Goliath Faucet is a simple contract that allows users to request KDA. Click here to watch the live recording.


5. Chainweb 2.18 Release

The release of Chainweb 2.18 features new support for Pact 4.6, new/local endpoints preflight simulation API, better gas estimation, warning deprecation system support, and more. The new release will further provide our community of developers and builders with improved tools to test their contract before deploying on the blockchain.

Official release:

For full details refer to the Changelog:

6. Kadena Builder Strategies Call

Sign up for our exclusive Builder Strategies Call, where our community of builders and developers can delve into an insightful conversation with our tech team. The call will include updates on the latest @kadena_io developments, and suggestions on how to take your project to the next level.

Sign up here!

As Kadena continues to push the boundaries of innovation and continues to evolve, we look forward to providing builders with regular Tech Bulletins so that you can continue to develop with the latest cutting edge technology. Be sure to follow our social channels and stay tuned for more exciting news and updates from the Kadena Team!