Spotlight on Linx by ThinEdge Labs

Spotlight on Linx by ThinEdge Labs


July 13, 2023

Welcome to the Kadena Project Spotlight Series, where we highlight the groundbreaking work of organizations currently building and innovating on the Kadena blockchain!

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Linx, the first chain-less wallet building on Kadena. Linx is a revolutionary crypto wallet designed specifically for operating on the Kadena blockchain. With a vision to provide users with an intuitive and hassle-free experience, Linx strives to eliminate the complexities often associated with Web3 technologies. Simplicity and efficiency are important to Linx, which is why their wallet empowers users to accomplish their tasks with just a few taps, without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Say goodbye to the hurdles of the past and embrace a new era of user-centric crypto wallets with Linx.

To gain a better understanding of Linx’s innovative approach, let’s break down some key questions:

What is a chain-less wallet?

Kadena blockchain operates on a multi-chain architecture, which can often be complex and daunting for users to understand and navigate. However, with Linx, this complexity is abstracted away, allowing users to enjoy a simplified and streamlined experience. Instead, they can focus on effortlessly accessing and navigating the Kadena ecosystem without the burden of technical intricacies. This ultimately drives adoption and enhances the overall crypto experience.

What sets Linx apart from other smart wallets?

Gas-Free: One of the notable advantages of using Linx is the ability to enjoy gas-free transfers and swaps. Traditionally, users need to pay transaction fees or gas to complete transactions on blockchain networks. However, Linx removes this barrier by offering gas-free transfers, allowing users to send and receive funds without worrying about additional costs. In fact, Linx is the first wallet in the world to enable a gas-free experience in the crypto space.

Chain-less approach: Linx offers a chain-less experience, allowing users to easily interact with the Kadena blockchain without the need to understand its underlying multi-chain structure.

Built-in DEX aggregator: Linx incorporates a built-in DEX (Decentralized Exchange) aggregator, enabling users to access multiple decentralized exchanges from a single platform. This simplifies the process of trading and swapping tokens as users find the best possible prices and execute trades efficiently by aggregating liquidity across various DEXs.

Security and Privacy: Linx places utmost importance on security and privacy. By maintaining a strong commitment to security best practices, Linx ensures that users’ funds are protected. Simply put, your private keys are encrypted and never leave your device.

What can we expect from Linx in 6 months? In 1 year?

Here’s what you can expect from Linx Wallet in the near future:

Reward System:* *Linx is actively developing a reward system within the wallet, providing users the ability to earn Linx tokens as they engage with the platform. This incentivizes user participation and provides additional value to the community.

Multi-Sig Support*:* Linx is working on integrating multi-signature (multi-sig) support, which enhances security by requiring multiple authorized parties to approve transactions.

DApp Integration: With the ease of incorporating popular DApps into the wallet, users gain convenient and direct access to their favorite decentralized applications

Desktop Wallet*: *Recognizing the importance of catering to different user preferences and needs, Linx also has a desktop version on their roadmap.

Will Linx have an IDO for Linx Token?

No, Linx tokens can only be earned by using the wallet. When Linx is launched, users will have the opportunity to earn and mint certificates, which can later be exchanged for Linx tokens. There will be limited certificates available for activities such as installing the app, sharing on social media, and swapping tokens.

Are there fees inside Linx?

For transfers, there are zero fees, and Linx covers gas. However, swaps incur a 0.7% fee.

What attracted Linx to Kadena? What has it been like building on Kadena?

Linx has been in the ecosystem since early 2020, and the attraction to Kadena was its distinctive approach to blockchain architecture and the remarkable Pact smart contract language. Kadena’s multi-chain architecture, with its focus on scalability, speed, and security, stood out as a forward-thinking solution for the challenges faced by traditional blockchain networks.

Learning and coding in Pact has been an absolute blast, providing a refreshing experience compared to other smart contract languages. Once they became comfortable with Pact and its concepts, they found it to be incredibly enjoyable and efficient in transforming their ideas into reality.

Many thanks to Linx for sharing their vision of what a decentralized oracle future will look like. We’ll be featuring more Project Spotlights in the coming weeks, so stay tuned as we’ll continue to profile innovative organizations that are currently building on Kadena.

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