Spotlight On: Eucalyptus Labs

Spotlight On: Eucalyptus Labs


September 6, 2022

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Eucalyptus Labs, a software development company focused on shipping products and adding support in two key areas, developer UX and infrastructure for the Kadena Ecosystem.

We recently spoke with Koby Lazar, Eucalyptus Lab’s founder and CEO, about their project and how they’re working on improving Kadena’s ecosystem through their goals.

1. How do you explain Eucalyptus Labs in simple terms? Give us your elevator pitch.

Eucalyptus Labs is on a mission to increase mainstream adoption by helping users leverage the power of blockchain through education, consumer products, and backend industry services. The crypto tech behind Defi, NFTs, and ‘being your own bank’ are truly special, but it takes user education, technological innovation, and years of experience to make this tech feel human. That’s where we come in! We’re a highly specialized firm in making it easier to connect with the underlying tech of chains like Kadena, which means our team consists of developers, community specialists, dedicated crypto product designers, and many more industry professionals committed to increasing the adoption of crypto.

2. Share with us your background on how you got started in this space.

Many of the Eucalyptus team members have been working with each other since 2016, including myself. I’ve been in crypto since 2013 when dogecoin roped me in with flash memes, but I soon fell in love with an idea that presented new ways to consider a new form of power in economics, consensus protocols, and at its heart a new way to connect people around the world and break down huge past institutional barriers. Crypto OGs like my cofounders Leoussis and Molter had their start even further back, building tech on different protocols and working on open source projects in 2010. So we’re unshaken by market cycles and we’re staying closely knit as a team.

3. Which infrastructure idea/project do you see the most potential for growth in the Kadena Ecosystem?

We set out to answer three questions about Kadena when we got started. What is it? Where do you get some? And once you’ve got it, what can you do with it? Essentially, education, acquisition, and use case. In building and working with Kadena Eco to add support to developer docs management, we have already made strides in user education. In acquisition, we are leveraging deep industry connections with onramps, swap protocols, and traditional exchanges/swaps to not only support Kadena, but increase user resources and the tools to best acquire the new and exciting protocol. Finally, if you can’t store and use Kadena then why take part in the ecosystem? We believe that investment and value are important for any coin or token, but our true vision of decentralized system success is in users finding the most value to their holdings. That’s why we’re putting our years of experience in multicoin wallet development into creating a first-class ecosystem passport for the Kadena user base.

4. What attracted you to Kadena and applying for a Grant with Kadena Eco?

After meeting Stuart at Consensus in 2018, I was blown away by Kadena’s promises, so I sent the whitepaper to some mathematicians who have a far better understanding of graph theory and the real engineering behind Kadena. I was excited to meet with Will shortly after to hear his confidence in Kadena and its developments, clearly unshaken by vc-funded coins at the time and those only spending on marketing. We were excited by the announcement of Kadena Eco and it came at a great time, as other firms who had spent their funds on marketing or shiny stadiums started to shy from hiring, and the true builders emerged as they always will after a market cycle. We see an ecosystem backed by infinite scalability and size, unphased by drawdowns, and we’re excited to build during a crucial time in blockchain as the world continues its shift to a remote-global economy.

5. What is one project or goal you are currently working on that excites you the most?

We’re going to bring Kadena a true passport to its ecosystem. We’re putting users first and creating seamless blockchain interaction, user experience, and secure technology in the hands of users all around the world. We’re talking in future tense so we don’t ruin all the surprises, but let me just say that we hate waiting at Euc, and we won’t make users wait long either. In the meantime, we’re always keeping up to date with new projects, Pact, and Kadena job opportunities, as well as the latest on your favorite projects in the ecosystem. Be sure to stay updated on the latest Kadena news by subscribing to our weekly newsletter and following @KadenaEcosystem on Twitter. We have new AMAs every week keeping the community informed on what’s new and happening in the ecosystem!

6. What can we expect from Eucalyptus Labs in the next 6 months? Where will you be in 3 years?

In 6 months we will support a large user base because we will succeed in our goals of Kadena education, acquisition, and use cases. We are most excited to have already partnered with over 30 influential partners in the space, having the opportunity to first get the word out about their project, building hand in hand, and bringing real folks to their awesome tech. We expect that in 3 years, Eucalyptus will be noted as one of the most impactful partners of Kadena helping to lead the shift towards secure protocols, real decentralization, and mass adoption.

7. What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking to innovate in blockchain?

Be agile and modular in a trend-driven market. Build on solid foundations and in partnership with those dedicated to those who are in the industry/game for the long runTreat everyone you meet with openness and kindness, read and explore whitepapers in-depth and always read about exposed scams/schemes to learn from the past so as to never repeat mistakes.

Many thanks to Koby Lazar for sharing his vision to fuel the growth and support of the Kadena Ecosystem!

Be sure to check out this space in the coming weeks for more Project Spotlights. We’ll continue to profile innovative organizations currently building on Kadena with support from Kadena Eco, our innovation network that supports startups at every phase of their development journey.