Randy Daal: Chief Experience Officer

Randy Daal: Chief Experience Officer


May 5, 2023

Kadena is extremely pleased to announce that Randy Daal has been promoted to Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of Kadena. Randy joined Kadena in April of 2022 as Kadena’s Developer Experience Lead. Prior to Kadena, Randy developed his passion in front-end development in several large companies in the Netherlands, including the creation of UpFront, a front-end consultancy company that later merged with Frontmen and then merged again with iO, one of the largest agencies in Europe. Randy has built many large-scale applications across a multitude of domains.

During his time as Developer Experience Lead at Kadena, Randy has spearheaded Kadena.js, working hard to build the top developer experience in the industry. Randy has turbocharged the growth of Kadena’s Javascript community and created a whole new JavaScript experience for interacting with Kadena’s smart contracts. Kadena.js now includes new tools, tutorials, apps, and new libraries. Most notably, Randy and his team have launched the Kadena Learning Tutorial Platform, a new comprehensive education program specifically designed to help developers and users learn the basics.

In regards to Randy’s promotion, Kadena CEO Stuart Popejoy, comments:

Kadena is extremely fortunate to be able to work with someone as talented, passionate and experienced as Randy, and I’m pleased to bring him onto the leadership team as CXO, where he will continue to further our vision of making technology work for people and not the other way around. While he has already made a huge impact on everything we do, you haven’t seen anything yet — with Randy as CXO, Pact and Kadena technology will not just revolutionize crypto but web and embedded technology as a whole, and have a lot of fun while doing it. Congrats Randy!

As CXO, Randy will curate “the Kadena experience.” As part of this effort, Randy will develop and execute strategies to improve and provide exceptional user and developer experience with Kadena’s products and services, and continue to work closely with Kadena CTO, John Wiegley, to create tools and experiences for everyone to realize a more decentralized world.

Randy states with respect to his promoted role at Kadena:

I am deeply grateful for the trust and confidence that the leadership of Kadena has placed in me. I am also immensely excited to lead the efforts in enhancing the developer and user experience, and drive the impact of our ecosystem towards making a positive contribution to the world. Additionally, I aspire to push the boundaries of the internet with our blockchain and cryptography technology and enable the realization of the full potential of the decentralized web.

The entire Kadena team is thrilled for Randy and is looking forward to him taking Kadena’s experience to the next level.

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