Project Spotlight: Unmarshal

Project Spotlight: Unmarshal


September 21, 2022

Welcome to the Kadena Project Spotlight Series, where we highlight the groundbreaking work of organizations currently building on Kadena!

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Unmarshal, who is providing multi-chain data infrastructure on Kadena and offering simplified access to DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse data. Unmarshal’s data indexing protocol will allow builders to seamlessly access on-chain data for DeFi applications!

We recently spoke with Manohar K, founder of Unmarshal , about Unmarshal’s plans and progress to provide for builders looking to access valuable multi-chain data for their DeFi applications.

1. How do you explain Unmarshal in simple terms? Give us your elevator pitch.

Unmarshal is a Multi-chain Web 3.0 data infrastructure layer aiming to deliver granular, reliable & real-time data to dApps, DeFi protocols, NFTs, Metaverse and GameFi solutions. We provide the easiest way to query Blockchain data from multi-chains. Our proprietary data indexers and transforming tools power any Web 3.0 application on any chain with latent view of transformed on-chain data.

2. Share with us your background on how you got started in this space.

Before I founded Unmarshal, I worked as a backend engineer solving data problems of giant companies like Go-jek and Grab. After accruing more than 7+ years of experience, I transitioned to working as a consultant for one of the renowned DeFi aggregator projects solving their inherent data problems.

I later realized that none of the existing web3 data providers could help me solve the challenges of obtaining efficient and reliable real-time data; I realized that there is a huge gap that exists that is indispensable.

That’s when Unmarshal was born.

I started Unmarshal with a vision to bring composability into the vibrant world of Web3 with sustainable growth.

3. How was your experience indexing data on Kadena’s multi-chain blockchain? How does it compare with other networks?

It was quite a unique and exciting challenge for our tech team to index twenty chains together and provide a unified data stream.

We liked Kadena’s PACT language as it was simple and easy to use; it was designed to implement high-value business workflows on a blockchain. Unlike any other Layer1 chains, Kadena has 20 parallel running interlinked blockchains which increases scalability and interoperability.

But, with the expertise of our experienced engineers working at Unmarshal, we created a wrapper to our indexer to tandemly index multiple chains on Kadena, providing a unified APIs that could streamline the data.

4. What are some existing or potential applications on Kadena that can take advantage of Unmarshal’s indexing platform?

Be it DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, P2E or Gaming, our data endpoints can support potentially any application that runs on top of Kadena.

We would be happy to support any developers wanting to build on Kadena. It takes one one single sign-up on our unified console ( to register and start querying decoded on-chain data from Kadena.

5. What attracted you to Kadena and support builders through Kadena Eco’s grants program?

I believe that Kadena stands out in the industry due its priority on scalability and sustainability; it is clear to us that Kadena is focused on bringing blockchain technology to a wider audience. It is a potential blockchain that has the chance to alter the way the world interacts and transacts. We wanted to become part of the fastest growing Kadena ecosystem and found a chance through this Eco grants initiative.

The Kadena Eco grants programme encourages builders to realize their dreams. I’m delighted that Unmarshal has been chosen as one of the potential grantees to assist other builders on Kadena. We would be delighted to lend our assistance to Kadena BUIDLers.

6. What is one project you are currently working on that excites you the most?

One of the projects on which we are working on currently is Hypercent, which is another Kadena Eco grantee The team is quite talented and lively. Both teams at Unmarshal and Hypercent get along extremely well, and we talk about a variety of technical topics on Kadena. We are assisting Hypercent in scaling their IDO platform.

7. What can we expect from Unmarshal in the next 6 months? Where will you be in 3 years?

We will be working closely with Kadena’s tech team over the next six months to strengthen our data APIs, making them faster, more efficient, and more reliable.

We believe in collective growth, and we seek to have Unmarshal grow alongside the Kadena ecosystem. In the next three years, we hope to become one of the industry’s leading data providers, supporting the Kadena chain.

8. What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking to innovate in blockchain?

Web3 is still in the nascent stage and has the potential to grow exponentially; Web3 will create a huge revolution from the centralized to the decentralized internet. My only advice to entrepreneurs exploring Web3 is to be tech-focused, and believing that what you are building is part of a significant and foundational block to the world of Web3. When the tech is right, the business runs by itself.

Unmarshal has helped and continues to help thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and web3 enthusiasts explore and build their dreams. You are welcome to join us in creating the next great technological revolution. We are always available to you.

Many thanks to Manohar K for sharing his vision for the future of accessible multi-chain data for developers across all of Web3! Be sure to check out this space in the coming weeks for more Project Spotlights, as we’ll continue to profile innovative organizations that are currently building on Kadena with support from Kadena Eco, our innovation network that supports startups at every phase of their development journey.

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Be sure to check out this space in the coming weeks for more Project Spotlights. We’ll continue to profile innovative organizations currently building on Kadena with support from Kadena Eco, our innovation network that supports startups at every phase of their development journey.