Kadena Tech Bulletin #3

Kadena Tech Bulletin #3


March 3, 2023

Welcome to the 3rd issue of The Kadena Tech Bulletin!

Whether you’re already familiar with Kadena or just learning about it for the first time, the Kadena Tech Bulletin provides a short technical overview of how we are revolutionizing the blockchain industry one block at a time. From Pact to Chainweb to how we are refining our builder onboarding process, we’ll be providing our community of builders and developers with all the updates and tools to help grow and scale their projects in our ever-growing ecosystem.

Here’s what happened over the last month:

1. Pact 4.7 Release

Pact 4.7 has officially been released! This update brings some exciting enhancements and fixes, including but not limited to :

  • Formal verification fixes
  • Additional native functions
  • Type checker fixes
  • Eval updates

Official Github Link: https://github.com/kadena-io/pact/releases/tag/v4.7.0

2. KDA Command Line Tools

We are thrilled to announce the release of KDA Command Line Tool, your all-in-one automation solution for everything Kadena. KDA Tools makes it easy to do the following:

  • Generate keys
  • Construct transactions across multiple chains using transaction templates
  • Conveniently create transactions from personalized templates stored in a configurable public GitHub repo
  • Sign transactions with both plain ED25519 key pairs or with Chainweaver-compatible HD keys
  • Sign transactions using the Kadena wallet signing API
  • Sign transactions with your local chainweaver keys directly by entering your password
  • Easily test, send, and poll results on the blockchain for multiple transactions
  • Other basic operations for interacting with nodes

Get ready to experience a new level of efficiency and productivity with KDA Command Line Tool!

Official Github Link: https://github.com/kadena-io/kda-tool#readme

3. Pact Core Series by Thomas Honeyman

The Pact Core Concepts series is a 3-part companion guide to the Real World Pact repository, written by Thomas Honeyman, senior engineer at Awake Security. The series teaches the essential concepts needed to write and test Pact programs on the scalable Chainweb blockchain.

For the Full Series: :

Part I: Introduction to Blockchain Development with Kadena

Part II: Learn Pact in 20 Minutes

Part III: Testing and the Pact REPL

Medium Articles:

Part I: Introduction to Blockchain Development with Kadena

Part II: Learn Pact in 20 Minutes

Part III: Testing and the Pact REPL

4. Language Server Protocol

The Language Server Protocol (LSP) is a protocol developed by Microsoft to standardize the communication between development tools, such as the editors and IDEs. By leveraging the LSP, Kadena provides a better user experience and increased support for the development of secure contracts within the developer’s preferred integrated development environment.

Official Github Link: https://github.com/kadena-io/pact-lsp

Medium Article: https://medium.com/kadena-io/language-server-support-for-pact-5ebdae652b09

5. Kadena Academy Workshop

A few weeks ago, we hosted our very first Kadena Academy workshop, Getting Started with KadenaJs, with Davy Engone. If you missed this workshop, be sure to stay connected with us through our social media channels for updates on our upcoming workshops!

In the coming weeks, the Kadena team will be focusing on the release of a much-anticipated update for Chainweb and dedicating their efforts towards bringing Pact to Web2.

As Kadena continues to push the boundaries of innovation and continues to evolve, we look forward to providing builders with regular Tech Bulletins so that you can continue to develop with the latest cutting edge technology. Be sure to follow our social channels and stay tuned for more exciting news and updates from the Kadena Team!