Kadena Tech Bulletin #2

Kadena Tech Bulletin #2


April 14, 2023

Welcome to Kadena’s 2nd issue of The Kadena Tech Bulletin!

Whether you’re already familiar with Kadena or just learning about it for the first time, the Kadena Tech Bulletin provides a short technical overview of how we are revolutionizing the blockchain industry one block at a time. From Pact to Chainweb to how we are refining our builder onboarding process, we’ll be providing our community of builders and developers with all the updates and tools to help grow and scale their projects in our ever-growing ecosystem.

Here’s what happened over the last month:

1. Wallet Connect Specification

We’ve recently merged our WalletConnect KIP-17, which defines our standard for interacting with the WalletConnect signing API. This merge allows our entire ecosystem to take user experience on their dApps to the next level.

Official release on Github: https://github.com/kadena-io/KIPs/blob/master/kip-0017.md

Medium article: https://medium.com/kadena-io/kadenas-walletconnect-specification-4ddf81fb978e

2. Charkha Lending Protocol

Inspired by Compound Finance, Thomas Honeyman created the Charkha Lending Protocol, a complete decentralized lending app built on Kadena’s Chainweb blockchain. Charkha is a fully-functioning lending protocol with a corresponding frontend that allows users to run the app, lend funds, submit governance proposals, and earn interest.

Full Repo: https://github.com/thomashoneyman/real-world-pact/tree/main/03-charkha-lending

3. Kadena Learning Platform

The Kadena Academy provides builders and developers with guidance and tutorials on how to build and deploy applications on Kadena. We recently sent out the first 40 invites to those who will get early access to our Learning Platform. We are excited to receive feedback from our community that will help us improve the platform and ensure a smooth release for the entire community!

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As Kadena continues to push the boundaries of innovation and continues to evolve, we look forward to providing builders with regular Tech Bulletins so that you can continue to develop with the latest cutting-edge technology. Be sure to follow our social channels and stay tuned for more exciting news and updates from the Kadena team!