Kadena Roadmap for Q2 2021

Kadena Roadmap for Q2 2021


April 14, 2021

As we progress through 2021, the Kadena team is all-in to execute major initiatives and amplify brand awareness in the crypto markets. Working closely with our energized and engaged community, we were able to meet every milestone announced in our Q1 Roadmap:

Completed 2021 Q1 Roadmap

With these completed milestones and the suggestions from our community, we bring you our Q2 roadmap.

2021 Q2 Roadmap

Q2 Roadmap Key Milestones

As we’ve previously hinted in our last AMA, some of our major milestones for Q2 will be:

  • Major Exchange Listing in early Q2
  • Full re-skin/re-brand of Kadenaswap, and a Kadena.io website refresh
  • Launch of Kadenaswap with Tokensoft kETH and kBTC, KDA, and at least one major new Kadena native token
  • Production Chain Relay launch for Ethereum Bridge, and testnet bridges to Terra and/or Celo
  • Wrapped KDA on Ethereum with market maker participation for listing in Uniswap and other DEXes
  • Launch a new DAO focused on new initiatives on the Kadena platform and leveraging the Kadena treasury
  • At least one NFT project launches on Kadena platform, and at least one major wallet integration completed
  • Pact 4.0 with great new features to speed smart contract development and testing

Q1 2021 showed the world that Kadena, scalable POW, and smart contracts are here to stay, offering the only solution that can realize the full potential of digital value in crypto. With Kadenaswap bringing the first multi-protocol DEX to production, platform interoperation with Pact, more exchanges and wallets, and paradigm-shifting NFT projects, Q2 will continue Kadena’s march to the future!