Kadena Grant Recipient Massive to Launch NoPool, a Decentralized Carbon Neutral Proof-of-Work Mining Pool Kadena Kadena

Kadena Grant Recipient Massive to Launch NoPool, a Decentralized Carbon Neutral Proof-of-Work Mining Pool Kadena Kadena


February 21, 2023

NoPool will provide incentives for proof-of-work miners to work towards carbon neutral emissions goals with support from BITMAIN in the form of computing power

New York — February 21, 2023 — Kadena, the only scalable layer 1 Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain, today announced that Kadena Grant recipient, NoPool, has joined their ecosystem to address the reliance of PoW on centralized mining pools and minimize the environmental impact of mining Kadena. With the launch of NoPool, a Kadena-first, Stratum mining pool, Kadena miners will be given unique incentives to work toward novel carbon neutral certifications with support from the world’s leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining servers, BITMAIN.

NoPool is a crypto mining pool that works to accomplish three main goals:

  • No centralization
  • No emission footprint or conventional fees for low-emission miners
  • No performance compromise

The NoPool project was developed by Massive, a decentralized blockchain resource provider that allows users to opt-in to being paid for idle computing power after the project received a grant from Kadena Eco. NoPool represents a leap forward for PoW mining, as it is the first mining pool to offer specific incentives for miners to move towards more sustainable operations. As an example, Mining operations that use at least 80% clean energy are eligible to be certified as low-emission miners and get feeless pool service for one month per quarter to start.

Francesco Melpignano, CEO of Kadena Eco, commented on the news, “The launch of NoPool is a major development for the Kadena ecosystem, allowing us to minimize the carbon footprint of Kadena miners without losing the robust security against 51% attacks that generating proofs provides. NoPool will demonstrate that a PoW solution can be both decentralized and environmentally friendly.”

BITMAIN, which launched the ANTMINER KA3 in September of last year, will also be supporting the growth of NoPool by encouraging customers to move toward clean energy and join this unique mining pool. Additionally, the Kadena Mining Club, a Kadena miner hosting service where users purchase an NFT for membership, will also be delegating hashrate to support the launch of NoPool. Added computing power will be important as the pool is in beta testing with NoPool designed to undergo progressive decentralization as new miners join the pool once access is opened to the wider public.

Xmei Lin, President of the BITMAIN Mining Division, commented on the launch, “As a leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining servers since 2013, we have been dedicated to supporting PoW mining as its the most secure consensus mechanism. With Kadena being the only PoW layer-1 that can scale, we’re committed more than ever to ensuring the growth of Kadena’s ecosystem and demonstrating that PoW can be made environmentally friendly as a result of NoPool’s unique incentives for miners.”

NoPool is currently available as a private beta and miners can sign up via their website. Following the private beta phase, NoPool will launch publicly for Kadena developers in the coming months.

Mark Cavallo, Head of NoPool, concluded, “The Kadena ecosystem provides optimal conditions for the development of NoPool because of its elegant improvement to the PoW consensus mechanism that increases transactions per second and decreases energy consumption per transaction. These features made the decision to build native support for Kadena into our sustainable PoW pool an easy one and we look forward to improving blockchain infrastructure and sustainability practices together.”

About Kadena:

Kadena believes in the potential of blockchain to revolutionize how the world interacts and transacts. To realize this vision, Kadena has reimagined blockchain technology and its connective ecosystem from the ground up. Our multi-chain architecture and complementary tools are designed to make blockchain accessible for everyone — at speed, scale, and with energy efficiency previously thought unachievable.

Website: https://kadena.io

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About NoPool

NoPool is a cryptocurrency mining pool that was created to solve the problems of centralized mining pools controlling the majority of blockchain processing power and the environmental impact of that processing. The pool is part of a distributed supercomputer that combines hundreds of thousands of personal computers to perform blockchain and other processing, storage, and bandwidth tasks. In addition to being carbon neutral itself, NoPool offers first-of-a-kind incentives for miners to use clean energy.

To learn more about NoPool, please visit: https://nopool.com/


BITMAIN is the world’s leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining servers through its brand ANTMINER, which has long maintained a global market share and leading position in technology, serving customers across over 100 countries and regions. The company has subsidiaries in China, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and other locations.

BITMAIN offers cutting-edge technology in power efficiency, providing the global blockchain network with advanced computational infrastructure and solutions. Since its establishment in 2013, the hashrate of ANTMINER BTC miners has been increased by three orders of magnitude, while the power efficiency of ANTMINER BTC miners has been improved by two orders of magnitude. BITMAIN’s vision is to create a better digital world.

To learn more about BITMAIN, please visit: https://www.bitmain.com/