Kadena & Hyperlane: A Next-Generation Bridge to EVM-Interoperability

Kadena & Hyperlane: A Next-Generation Bridge to EVM-Interoperability


October 31, 2023

In a major step towards achieving interoperability and broader ecosystem adoption, we are thrilled to announce that Kadena has partnered with Ideasoft to bring permissionless interoperability to the Kadena ecosystem via Hyperlane.

The partnership will enhance access to several key components of the broader blockchain ecosystem that are not yet available for the Kadena community, including:

Ability to import and export tokens and NFTs through the Hyperlane Network

Opportunities to use DeFi financial instruments

Potential for a wider user base to interact with dApps on different blockchains

Potential for more liquidity and stablecoins with an easy-to-use interface


What is Hyperlane?

Hyperlane is an interconnected super highway that connects different blockchains that want to communicate with each other. Hyperlane’s introduction into Kadena’s tech stack addresses a fundamental challenge in the blockchain space: a lack of custom-built, multi-chain security for developers. With the integration of Hyperlane, Kadena is poised to forge connections and foster innovation with some of the industry’s most widely adopted chains, including Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, and more.

By harnessing the power of Hyperlane, Kadena further enables developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) quickly and easily, providing seamless, interconnected experiences across multiple chains. Furthermore, Hyperlane improves on pre-existing security concerns that are present in bridges.

Hyperlane differs from other interoperability protocols in a few key ways:

Permissionless: Anyone can deploy and use it without seeking approval from a central authority, nor do developers need to pay Hyperlane hundreds of thousands of dollars to use it. Deploying Hyperlane consists of running a few scripts on the Hyperlane docs.

Modularity: Developers can choose the security features that best meet their needs. Modular construction is generally an answer to many of the problems blockchains face today. Each recipient of a smart contract configures the security parameters for messages it receives.

Customizable Cross-Chain Security: Hyperlane’s interchain security modules give developers granular control over security. It allows developers to configure, compose, and customize security settings according to a specific application’s needs. Furthermore, Hyperlane enables developers to build dApps that can span multiple blockchains while still maintaining a high level of security. Both chains (or all chains) involved in a transaction can have their specific security needs met.

Developers can also access APIs and SDKs to build dApps and communicate seamlessly across multiple blockchains.

As a result, the Kadena community will gain access to a wider range of products through the security foundation they expect from our network.

Overall, Hyperlane is a powerful tool that can revolutionize how Kadena interacts with blockchain applications on other chains. By making it easy for developers to build cross-chain dApps for users to interact with, Hyperlane is helping to create a more interconnected and user-friendly blockchain ecosystem.

Ideasoft: Helping Kadena go Interchain

Through the Kadena Grant Program, Ideasoft has become a key partner in building the infrastructure needed to implement Hyperlane into Kadena’s technology stack.

Ideasoft is an internationally recognized development shop. It is known for pioneering blockchain solutions and developing battle-tested, innovative software across Web2 and Web3. It is spearheading the integration of Hyperlane as a Kadena grantee.

This initiative commenced with a collaborative effort between Kadena’s internal developers and Ideasoft. The goal was to architect the integration design, define components, and implement Kadena-native security protocols.

Currently, the Ideasoft team is constructing a Kadena-compatible relayer to facilitate message transmission between Kadena and wider ecosystem chains. Simultaneously, Ideasoft will implement Hyperlane’s Interchain Security Modules (ISMs) to ensure secure cross-chain transactions.

Ideasoft’s final step is to develop a user-friendly, front-end interface that simplifies user interaction with Kadena and other ecosystems, such as the EVM ecosystem.

Bridging Kadena’s Technology to the World

The intuitive interface will enable seamless and secure trading of ERC-20 and KIP-0002 tokens, significantly expanding the opportunities for the broader crypto community to interact with Kadena’s technology. For example, Kadena NFTs built with Marmalade V2 will also become cross-chain compatible in the future, allowing a robust array of destinations for Kadena-built NFTs.

However, while Hyperlane will enable EVM compatibility for Kadena, it will still harness all of the security advantages that Kadena offers.

Chiefly, it will still use the Pact programming language, which was specifically designed for security. Pact thwarts many common potential threats, such as re-entrancy attacks and infinite loops. Yet, Pact offers unique capabilities that are not found in other languages. One such feature is formal code verification, which is more reliable than unit tests.

Kadena’s Future is Interoperable

The future for the Kadena community is promising. This pioneering project not only paves the way for a unified blockchain ecosystem but also fuels a wave of development for decentralized applications (dApps) and interchain applications with Kadena’s technology as the foundation.

With Hyperlane’s help, Kadena users can become more integrated into the broader crypto ecosystem and provide seamless experiences, regardless of the underlying chains.

This marks the start of a new era for Kadena and its community. We’re excited to have you along for the ride!

Stay tuned for the official release date and the upcoming Kadena campfire on November 8th, featuring Ideasoft’s CEO and COO. Set notifications on X (Twitter) to stay updated with the latest announcements.