Kadena 2023 Q3 Newsletter

Kadena 2023 Q3 Newsletter


October 4, 2023

As we step into the final stretch of the year, we have seen tremendous progress and growth in every department at Kadena. From new faces to global partnerships to innovative developments, Q3 has been a whirlwind of activity, and we are just getting started.

Let’s dive into some of the highlights that showcase our progress in Q3.

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Making an ImPact in Partnerships

In the realm of partnerships, the business development team has been dedicated to driving progress in several key initiatives, each playing a pivotal role in Kadena’s evolution and broader blockchain ecosystem adoption. The team has been focused on growing our array of smart wallets, improving privacy and scalability with ZK proofs, and actively improving infrastructure, development tooling, and storage.

Perhaps most excitingly, our team is one step closer to developing a bridge solution to enhance blockchain interoperability with the Hyperlane Network. Hyperlane is a groundbreaking permissionless interoperability layer, that offers APIs for interconnection service between different blockchains, and an SDK to empower developers in building interchain dApps. Hyperlane’s distinguishing feature lies in its adaptability, rendering it compatible with a wide spectrum of blockchain ecosystems. Hyperlane serves as the critical network for establishing essential connections between Kadena, EVM chains, and other chains in the future.

Regarding our grantees, here are some of the remarkable projects that joined the Kadena ecosystem in Q3:

KadenAI — Powered by Kadena’s NFT standard Marmalade, KadenAI is an innovative platform that offers a suite of comprehensive tools designed to facilitate the creation of NFT collections. These tools include NFT minters, utility generators, and AI-powered image generation, all aimed at creating a novel NFT experience. Generate your very own NFTs here.

UNITT (Universal Transaction Token Project) — UNITT is a project focused on building a tokenized payment infrastructure for chat-based interaction and content discovery. Their first featured application enables creators to sell their content directly to their audiences and monetize chat-based interactions such as follower engagement, AI chatbots, and paid searches.

Linx — Linx is the first chain-less wallet explicitly designed for operating on the Kadena blockchain. Linx wallet empowers users to send, store, and accomplish their tasks with just a few taps without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Swarms.Finance — Swarms.Finance is a platform with a mission to transform DAOs within the world of DeFi. The platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features for managing funds, investments, liquidity, swaps, payments, and purchases.

In an effort to expand our outreach and foster meaningful connections, the Kadena team has also made appearances at ETHCC Paris, Tech Open Air Berlin, Messari Mainnet, Science of Blockchain Conference (SBC), Permissionless II, and AwesomeWasm. Keep your eyes out as the BD Team is heading to DevConnect Istanbul in Q4.

Connecting every Kadena Corner: Community and Marketing

It’s a new chapter for Kadena with the recent addition of Mike Herron as Kadena’s Chief Marketing Officer. Mike specializes in enhancing branding strategies and cultivating meaningful brand collaborations for renowned companies spanning a wide array of industries, including sports, airlines, consumer software, media, entertainment, and beyond.

Mike will be supercharging Kadena’s marketing endeavors across all facets, spanning products to partnerships, all under a cohesive brand umbrella. The goal is to inspire the community, blockchain innovators, and developers from diverse backgrounds to embrace Kadena as the most secure and scalable blockchain platform. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Mike’s big, big plans for Kadena, we invite you to watch our Kadena Campfire Episode #31 for some exciting upcoming news!

On the community front, David Gillett has joined Kadena as our community manager. David will be leading efforts to engage with our vibrant community, foster meaningful discussions, and facilitate collaboration among our members. His experience and dedication will play a crucial role in nurturing the growth and vitality of the Kadena community.

Another development that has sent waves of excitement throughout the Kadena community is the recent Ledger integration of KDA tokens. This integration marks a significant milestone in our journey and is crucial in safeguarding your KDA tokens. If you haven’t already had the opportunity to do so, we strongly encourage you to check out this tutorial about creating your own Ledger KDA account using your Ledger device.

We have also taken our community experience to the next level with Zealy. Zealy is a platform that allows our community to complete tasks, learn more about Kadena and the projects building on the network, and most importantly, it provides valuable insights into the community. Best of all, community members can earn XP points for completing the tasks which can be exchanged for some awesome Kadena prizes. Start your quest with Zealy today!

If you want to learn more about Kadena’s visionary plans, head over to our Kadena Campfire Episode #27, featuring our founders, Stuart Popejoy and William Martino, where they cover everything from Pact, to chainless wallets, to EVM compatibility.

The Quest for a Remarkable Developer Experience

Q3 has been a period of intense activity for the Developer Experience Team at Kadena. The team has been actively forging partnerships to drive the adoption of Kadena’s cutting-edge technology. Collaborations with [code]capi, Varias, and Superconnectors have all been instrumental in leveraging Kadena’s infrastructure and tools to build products that connect startups with key industry players.

Kadena also sponsored its very first 3-day hackathon-style event organized by Vue.js Forge. This event served as a platform for developers to showcase their skills, collaborate, and explore innovative solutions within the Vue.js and Kadena ecosystem.

On the tech front, the team has been laser-focused on building and providing exceptional user experience. Highlights include the release of the Chainweb Streaming Server, a new system that enables persistent streaming of transactions and their confirmation status, and the @kadena/client, which enables building, signing, and sending transactions to the Kadena blockchain using TypeScript/JavaScript.

For new developers who want to build Web3 applications and learn Pact, the Kadena Academy features hands-on workshops and tutorials. This quarter, the Kadena Academy launched its first Pact Course: Mastering Functions in Pact. Make sure to check it out and don’t forget that developers can collect Kadena Learning Points along the way.

Marmalade V2: A Unique NFT Experience

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The whole Kadena team is hard at work, putting the finishing touches on Marmalade V2, Kadena’s NFT standard. Offering limitless customization, policy options, and enforceable royalties, Marmalade is setting itself apart to provide creators, users, builders, and marketplaces with an exceptional NFT experience. We expect Marmalade to be available on Mainnet soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more news and updates.

Check out this article for a comprehensive exploration of all the one-of-a-kind features that Marmalade has to offer.

The Final Stretch

Q3 has been an exhilarating ride for Kadena. With partnerships, innovations, and an ever-growing community, the path forward is clearer than ever.

Heading into the final few months of the year, our community can expect new applications and updates such as the redesign of the Kadena Docs, the release of new dev toolings, and perhaps most excitingly, a new Kadena website to signify a momentous step forward in the evolution of Kadena.

Make sure to join our Discord and be part of our incredibly talented and supportive community. Follow us on all our social media channels and let’s continue to build a secure and scalable decentralized future together!