John Wiegley: Chief Technology Officer of Kadena

John Wiegley: Chief Technology Officer of Kadena


October 5, 2022

Kadena is extremely thrilled to announce that John Wiegley has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer! John was previously Kadena’s Lead Architect/Engineer where his primary role was to learn the ins and outs of the Kadena system with a core focus on PACT development while supporting a range of other technology priorities.

John’s background includes more than three decades of impressive experience across software engineering and programming, having traversed many languages and applications that ranged from straight C-style languages, to object-oriented and functional styles of programming. In addition, John worked for a variety of Haskell projects, and for the last four years, also worked at DFINITY as a verification, modeling and implementation engineer, where he solidified his blockchain proof of work and modeling experience during this tenure using Haskell, Rust and Coq. John also maintained the Free Software Foundation’s GNU Emacs application and served for 15 years as a member of the C++ Standards Committee.

With respect to John’s promotion, Kadena’s CEO Stuart Popejoy, states,

Kadena has always been about building the best technology to move crypto and web3 forward, so we are beyond thrilled to bring on someone as capable, experienced and visionary as John, who uniquely understands how PACT and scalable blockchain technology can take the whole industry forward.”

As CTO, John will be focused on building the appropriate technical direction, creating a product roadmap, and overseeing how Kadena’s technology is contributing to Kadena’s business development in order to turbocharge mainstream adoption.

With respect to his promotion, John states,

“I am very grateful to Stuart, Will, Doug and the rest of the leadership team for their confidence and support during this transition. The work at Kadena is very interesting, and I see many exciting challenges ahead, but right now what makes me happiest is this particular group of people, and the way they approach the work we do and each other. The more I experienced how Kadena works, and learned about the opportunities in front of us, the more I realized there is greater impact to be made by serving this team in a facilitating role as CTO.”

In addition to John’s accomplishments, John is also renowned in the open source community for his contributions to Emacs editor and creation of the Ledger double-entry accounting program.

The Kadena team is extremely thrilled for John and is excited to see him lead Kadena’s future growth in scalability and security to the next level!

If you are interested in reading John’s blog, be sure to check out his articles at!