Beyond the Block #5: Oracles and Their Role in DeFi

Streamed live on April 11, 2024

🌟 Episode Highlights 🌟 Hosts: Ryan Levy | Kadena Head of Partnerships Guests: Dillon Hanson | Business Development at Dia Data Paul Claudius | Co-founder at Dia data Topic: Oracles and Their Role in DeFi Key Discussions: The history of Dia Data, insights on DeFi, Dia’s new oracle builder, and much more! 🎙️ About Our Hosts 🎙️ Ryan Levy is Kadena’s head of partnerships with an extensive background in busines development for Web3 businesses and beyond. Ryan is a thought leader in the industry, a mentor, and you can catch him at many live events in the Web3 space. DIA Data is a decentralized, open-source data and oracle platform for DeFi that enables market actors to source, supply and share trustable data. They were founded in 2018 with a mission to introduce transparency into the opaque world of price feeds. Their pioneering data-sourcing strategy, leveraged trade data directly sourced from CEXs and DEXs. This effort resulted in Web3’s most transparent and extensive market data library. DIA is now a trusted resource for hundreds of dApps, their library features over 20,000 assets while still enabling full customization into feed construction, sources, and methodologies. Paul Claudius is one of the Co-Founders of DIA Data and Dillon Hanson is the Business Development Manager for DIA Data 👀 Why Watch? 👀 Learn more about the future of Oracles in DeFi. Gain insights from top experts in the field. Learn more about DIA Data’s advancements and current projects.. Follow Kadena on our socials: Website: Telegram: Twitter: /kadena_io Reddit: /kadena Linkedin: /kadena-llc Discord:

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