Beyond the Block #6: Challenges and Triumphs of On-Chain Professional Development

Streamed live on May 30, 2024

🌟 Episode Highlights 🌟 Host: Andy Tang | Head of Innovation Guest: Jens Knipper | Full Stack Developer for OpenValue Topic: Challenges and Triumphs of On-Chain Professional Development Key Discussions: In this episode we discuss a few of the differences between developing for Web3 as a seasoned Web2 developer and the challenges of taking professional development on-chain. 🎙️ About Our Hosts 🎙️ Andy Tang is Kadena’s Head of Innovation and a seasoned full stack developer. His experience in developing for Web3 for many years has provided him with unique insights on the process and challenges developers face in blockchain. OpenValue focuses primarily on offering a wide range of training programs, including software architecture, clean code and testability, and specialized workshops in technologies like Kotlin and AWS architecture. These programs are designed for a variety of participants, from software developers and architects to technical leaders, emphasizing hands-on learning and practical skills application. 👀 Why Watch? 👀 Gain insights on the process of developing for Web3 Hear directly from developers on the challenges and limitations of Web3 Learn how to take professional development on-chain Follow Kadena on our socials: Website: Telegram: X: Reddit: Linkedin: Discord:

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