Beyond the Block #2: ZK Tech and Applications with John Wiegley and John Burnham

Streamed live on February 8, 2024

Welcome to Beyond the Block Episode #2 In this groundbreaking series, we dive deep into the human stories shaping the Web3 space. #NewKadena brings you the latest insights, innovations, and insider perspectives from the pioneers of Web3. 🌟 Episode Highlights 🌟 Hosts: John Wiegley, Kadena | Twitter: Guests: John Burnham, Lurk Lab | Twitter: Topic: Zero-Knowledge tech and its applications Key Discussions: The inspiration behind Wiegley and Burnham’s interest in Zero-Knowledge (ZK) cryptography Blockchain technology’s “ZK-centric” future The role smart contracts play in ZK-proofs A brief overview of ZK-proofs on other chains like Starknet and Ethereum The cost-efficiency and security benefits of ZK-proofs + much, much more! 🎙️ About Our Hosts 🎙️ John Burnham, CEO, Lurk Labs: Burnham has been in blockchain as a founder since 2012, and working with ZK-proofs since 2021. Over this time, he has worked with several of the most significant Layer 1’s focusing on formal verification and programming. John Wiegley, CTO, Kadena: John started his career working on compiler front-ends, linkers, and debuggers, working in the C++ community for almost 25 years. After a more recent switch to functional programming, John began working on a variety of Haskell projects, including theoretical research using the Coq proof assistant. Before Kadena, Wiegley was the Principal Engineer at DFINITY. 👀 Why Watch? 👀 Stay ahead of the curve in Web3 marketing. Gain insights from top experts in the field. Discover the human element behind Web3's technological advancements. 📺 Watch the episode today and join the conversation on how Web3 reshapes the marketing landscape. Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion!

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