Beyond the Block #3: The Future of Web3 Wallets with Ryan Levy and Ryan Jones

Streamed live on February 29, 2024

In this groundbreaking series, we dive deep into the human stories shaping the Web3 space. #NewKadena brings you the latest insights, innovations, and insider perspectives from the pioneers of Web3. 🌟 Episode Highlights 🌟 Hosts: Ryan Levy (@RyanJLevy) Guests: Ryan Jones (@ryanjjones10) Topic: The future of Web3 Wallets Key Discussions: The possibilities of Web3 wallets, how to introduce a new generation of users into the Web3 space, and potential use cases for future wallets. 🎙️ About Our Hosts 🎙️ Ryan Jones is the Senior Director of Product Management for Consensys and manages products such as staking for MetaMask and Consensys. Ryan started at Consensys in 2021 and prior to his time with MetaMask he was also responsible for Ethereum clients, Linea L2, and R&D. Prior to his work with Consensys, Ryan got his start in traditional finance with Goldman Sachs. Ryan Levy is Kadena’s head of partnerships with an extensive background in business development for Web3 businesses and beyond. Ryan is a thought leader in the industry, a mentor, and you can catch him at many live events in the Web3 space. 👀 Why Watch? 👀 Learn more about the future of Web3 wallets. Gain insights from top experts in the field. Learn more about potential plans for MetaMask 📺 Watch the episode today and join the conversation on the future of Web3 Wallets.. Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion!

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