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What is Kadena?

Kadena's blockchain platform consists of a public blockchain and the Pact smart contract language.

Chainweb is the only sharded and scalable layer-1 PoW public network.

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Public Blockchain

Pact is the most powerful language for creating blockchain applications safely and easily.

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Smart Contracts

Why use Kadena?

Speed & scalability

Kadena's public blockchain has performed a live network expansion from 10 to 20 chains, doubling throughput and proving the blockchain's ability to scale in production to meet ever-higher demand.

Kadena is the fastest sharded layer-1 PoW blockchain today, capable of delivering infrastructure-grade performance for the DeFi economy.

Control & connectivity

Kadena's high-performance permissioned network connects to the public blockchain, enabling custom service architecture for the most demanding use case requirements.

The blockchain platform provides enterprises and entrepreneurs with the benefits of both public & private networks without compromise.

Security & simplicity

Kadena's smart contract language is purpose-built for blockchains and uses military-grade security features such as Formal Verification.

Pact is quickly becoming the standard for smart contracts because it is human-readable while offering key features such as interchain communication, multi-signature, and strong permission controls.

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