USCF (Media Coverage)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are investment vehicles which have experienced phenomenal growth over the last ten years, with the global ETF market now having net assets of $6 trillion. Many players have entered the industry, leading to crowding and competition with thin margins for fund managers. 


USCF has always been on the forefront of innovation in the fund management domain. For example, USCF was one of the earliest pioneers of ETPs (Electronically Traded Products) which enable a basket of commodity related financial instruments to be traded  on a national exchange.


USCF’s interest in using blockchain to drive the next revolution in fund management is therefore understandable given their track record of introducing market leading initiatives using innovative technology.


While the use case is confidential for legal and commercial reasons, Kadena’s hybrid offering is the natural choice for fund managers, insofar as it provides the scalability demanded by the fund management industry with the ability to simultaneously manage data that is both public and confidential in nature.


Kadena’s Pact language provides access across both Kadena’s public and private blockchain solutions. As a financial services company, USCF finds the use of Proof of Work consensus on Kadena’s public blockchain to be aligned with its needs of security while offering an onramp to global interoperability.