The toll-free superhighway for DeFi activity

Multi-protocol liquidity

Bridge, wrap, swap, and pool the most popular crypto tokens.

High speed, low gas

Execute any transaction faster & cheaper than ever before.

Decentralized bridges

Safely move between blockchains using smart contracts, not third-parties.

Bridge, wrap, swap, pool

Coming Soon

Q4  2020    

Q1   2021

Stage 0, testing — Swap and pool using Kadenaswap on testnet 

Stage 1, go live — Decentralized Ethereum bridge with ERC-20 wrapped tokens on Kadenaswap

Kadenaswap is the first multi-protocol AMM decentralized exchange, allowing users to move crypto like BTC and ETH faster and cheaper. Kadenaswap is powered by simple and safe smart contracts on a scalable PoW network.