Cosmos / Tendermint / Interchain Foundation


What is Kadenamint?

Kadenamint is the implementation of our smart contract language Pact on Tendermint, facilitated by the backing and endorsement of a $150,000 grant from the Interchain Foundation. The Cosmos network runs on the Tendermint protocol, the only fully open source permissioned blockchain with a proven consensus protocol. The Tendermint protocol already supports $5 billion in value from companies like Binance and Cosmos. Kadenamint brings blockchain developers the best smart contract language available and further establishes Pact as the industry standard.

Why is Kadenamint important?

Kadenamint will allow for rapid implementation of apps in a safer way. Entrepreneurs and enterprises alike will have a configuration-free and completely open source smart contract language for business applications. Kadenamint brings the power of user-code Formal Verification, proper multi-signature features and full capabilities to Tendermint.